The essence of Ethereum smart contracts – Do we have true immutability?

Este evento es en colaboración con Alicante Tech, LA OLA Blockchain Y BlockchainBH

La entrada GRATIS del evento 24 de mayo, solicitalá en este enlace:

This is an open event for all, including developers and non-technical members alike. You do not need prior knowledge of Ethereum or blockchain technology to attend. The event will be held in English.

We will discuss the essence of smart contracts, offer some background leading up to their creation, outline their applications and discuss immutability versus upgradability. Depending on time and availability, there may be a hands-on session for developers following the talk and Q&A.

The event is a collaboration between Alicante Tech Meetup, Blockchain Alicante and BlockchainBH. BlockchainBH is the largest open blockchain education platform in Brazil, also having headquarters in London. They offer free education at all levels for blockchain enthusiasts worldwide.



Yakko Majuri

Yakko is the co-founder of BlockchainBH, the largest open blockchain education platform in Brazil. He was also a member of the core team at IGTI who developed and released the first MBA with a focus on blockchain technology in the country. Most recently he has founded Certfy, a blockchain-based document authentication platform. Having originally come from a non-technical background, Yakko is a self-taught fullstack and blockchain developer, who has a passion for both software and business development. Additional experience includes a period as Project Lead at London Blockchain Labs and work as the Head of Operations of a Finnish non-profit organization called Hautomo.