Dealing with payments

When things go right and our product starts making money everyone is happy, but sometimes this means the start of the nightmare for people working with payments.

In this talk you’ll learn about good practices, the most common mistakes when working with payments and things you probably won’t consider until shit hits the fan, all this so that you don’t run into the same problems and don’t have to learn those lessons the hard way.

Presented at: Rails Pacific 2016


Some technical background will be required since the presentations require basic programming skills. The presentations will be in English, but don’t worry, if you think your English is not good enough to follow them, we are talking tech and there will be many Spanish speaking people.

The talk will contain some Ruby code to show examples but no knowledge of Ruby is necessary.


The talk will be presented by Sebastián Sogamoso a software developer that loves pair programming and has a passion for teaching. He has worked with payments on several types of web applications over the past few years. Sebastián is involved on the local software development groups and organize RubyConf Colombia.


The event will be hosted by Cookpad who will provide drinks, beer & snacks.

“In Cookpad we help make cooking fun. Our mission is to use technology to make life a little happier, by transforming the daily chore of cooking at home into an enjoyable activity that can be shared with others. using technologies like Ruby, Swift and Java.”  

How to get there:

• Google maps

• <a>Tram line 4</a>

• Bus:

• Line 22

• Line 21

• Line 38

Downloadable map here

Once you’re at the gate Paco should be there, if not, please call 965 225 615.