Puppet install Party

In order to boost the group I am thinking in organizing a puppet install party.

The idea is that all the fellows will return to their homes with a fully working puppet environment

The main points could be:

• Quick explanation about the process

• Install the puppet master

• Install a git repository

• Configure Dynamic environments

• Install the puppet dashboard

• Make some tests

The environment will be installed on a DigitalOcean droplet that recently allows to share the droplets between users so once the environment is installed it can be easily shared (with minimum changes).

Preparing the Party

There are two scripts (Debian focused)  and the Git repository hosted on http://github.com to make the process more easy, so during the install party we can focus on the important things and not on the mechanic process.



Also two ScreenCast that show the process of installation of the client and the master



Material needed:

It is not mandatory to bring a laptop as after the party you can run the scripts at home.

If you bring your laptop be sure you have:

•  A virtualization software installed and configured (or an accoung on any cloud/VPS provider)

• A ready to use minimum debian image

• A pair of private/public keys to allow remote command on the servers

Author: Jeroen Derks

Jeroen is the founder of the Alicante Tech meetup group. His current day job is to mostly build all kinds of applications, ranging from IoT to educational to corporate.