Copas y Tapas

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Let’s have some copas y tapas while talking about the technology you are working on today.

We have selected a place to meet that looks nice, but we’re open to suggestions!

We expect that the languages spoken will be a mixture of English and Spanish.


Vamos a tomar algunas copas y tapas, mientras que hablamos de la tecnología en trabajas hoy.

Hemos seleccionado un lugar que estaría muy bien pero si tienes un sitio mejor solo tienes que decírnoslo.

Los idiomas que se hablarán serán tanto español como inglés.

Engineering Culture: Scaling Up!

For this talk we’ve invited Arjen de Ruiter from Coosto to kick off the first Engineering Culture event. In this talk Arjen will discuss the challenges that come with scaling your codebase, technology and organization.
Many companies are successful in building great products and features, but as a result of that, the number of engineers and the codebase increases. This can lead to growing pains and even to less fun for the developers. However, there are effective solutions to scaling up and keeping the fun. Some of the topics that will be discussed are: micro-services and service platforms, continuous delivery, autonomous teams, high availability and more.

What’s Engineering Culture about? 

Have you seen those movies Spotify made about their own Engineering Culture? Well if you haven’t, definitely take a look, because they are very interesting and give a whole bunch of tips on how to effectively collaborate and develop great software. Here you can find part 1 and part 2. What we would love to do, is to bring developers together and share knowledge about modern software development. This could be anything from the latest technologies, agile methods, collaborating effectively, best coding practices, etc. Coosto will organize a great event every few months, with interesting speakers, food, drinks and an awesome location in the center of Alicante. Hope you can join us!

Coosto is a Social Media Monitoring SaaS-product and company specializing in Big Data and analytics. We are based in the Netherlands and in Alicante. You can find more info about us here.

Event date: Thursday 20th of October

18.00 – Doors open
19.00 – Presentation
20.00 – Food + drinks + networking 

At 21.00 the doors close at ULab, but we can move to a nearby bar for some more drinks or food.

Location: sponsored by ULab (Pza San Cristobal, 14, Alicante) 

The spoken language during these events will be English.