Introduction to Docker


• 18:30 – Doors open

• 19:05 – Presentation

• 20:30 – Q&A

• 21:00 – Drinks + Dinner + Networking

What is Docker?

Docker is the world’s leading software that allows to develop, ship, and run applications into containers.

Learn why larger companies are adopting Docker for scaling services or getting efficient and faster development workflows.

Cover topics of the presentation

– What is Docker?

– What is a container?

– Why problem does it solve?

– Why containers and microservices are so popular right now?

– Containers vs Virtual Machines

– Docker architecture

– Typical Docker uses

– Examples

Should I bring my laptop?

Sure! If you want to get your hands dirty and launch some containers, bring your laptop. You can install the same environment that will be used during the presentation.


Virtualbox 5.1.x

Vagrant 1.8.6

Once installed, just launch your learning environment.

$ git clone

$ cd learn-docker

$ vagrant up

Author: Jeroen Derks

Jeroen is the founder of the Alicante Tech meetup group. His current day job is to mostly build all kinds of applications, ranging from IoT to educational to corporate.