Arduino Introduction

Por cierto: será en Castellano.

Este meetup tendrá una parte práctica por lo que se necesitará que traigáis algunos portátiles con el software y los drivers de arduino instalados.

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Prácticas que realizaremos:

• Medición de distancias por ultrasonidos mostrando la información en un pantalla LCD.

• Modificación de colores de un LED vía Bluetooth.

• Controlar una bombilla remotamente vía WIFI (arduino configurado como punto de acceso)

• Leer la temperatura y la humedad vía WIFI (arduino configurado como equipo de red)

There are many members of our meetup playing with Arduino and many more are interested in giving it a try. To make it easier we will start with an introduction, so that everybody can get to know the most basic details and knowledge to start tinkering on their own. Later this year, hopefully soon (August/September) we’ll organize a workshop where we will assemble an Arduino project using kits (ordered from Ali-Express possibly) and after that we can have another meetup to show off your excellent programming making your Arduino project the most interesting. If there’s anyone who knows of a company or some other entity that might be interested in sponsoring the event (e.g. awarding a price to the winner of the show-off event), that would be awesome!

To give you some ideas regarding projects:

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